Sarah (kiwijuice) wrote in uwmilwaukee,

furniture for sale

I already posted an ad on craig's list, but I thought I should post something on here, too.

I am moving in mid-august and need to sell some furniture. My prices are negotiable, but they are pretty reasonable as-is.

I am selling the following:
a futon with a mahogany frame and reddish-purple cover. The mattress is a nice spring mattress that is comfortable enough to sleep on on a regular basis ($200)

a bistro set from Target. The base is metal and the top is glass. Comes with two chairs. It is a little wobbly, but if you have some DIY skills you should be able to make it work ($150)

glass 3-tiered end table from Target ($35)

glass coffee table from Target with one broken leg (most likely fixable) ($30)

computer desk chair: ($15)

white with black paisley pattern floor lamp from Target ($15)

black table lamp from Target ($5)

pictures of everything except the floor lamp and computer chair can be found under the lj-cut





If you are interested in buying any of this furniture from me, please send me an email at with the subject "Furniture on LJ"

Note: you are responsible for picking up any furniture that you want to buy. My car is too small to transport the larger pieces of furniture.
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